About Angela Carroll Ast

When did you start designing? What is your educational background ?

From my childhood summers spent abroad in Europe, I fell in love with architecture influenced by the history, gardens and the classic forms. Right away, I noticed buildings and attitudes about design were different in America. This left me craving design aesthetics in everything from furniture design and textiles to architecture and city planning.

Later on, I continued my education in Savannah, Georgia. With its deep history and architecture, Savannah was the perfect place for me to study. I have degrees and studies from Savannah College of Art and Design, Peters Valley, Baum School of Art, University of Tennessee. My studies covered interior design, cabinetry, textile Design, fine Arts, furniture design, color theories, and much more.

How can your design talents help me?

I really enjoy learning about the people’s lifestyles and how they live in their homes.
Listening to you talk about your space is extremely important since it allows me to create visual depth, high function, and a feel good space that you will love. I determine how a space can function best for you and then provide solutions to provide you with your ideal space.

What do you wish clients knew about your services?
We sell furniture! Too many times, we are called in to fix an oversized sofa or other purchasing mistakes. We offer this luxury service with in-home consultation. So, let us do the entire room! We start from the beginning and build a beautiful space top to bottom.

What is your design super power?
I would say my design super power is pattern, color, and repeat designs. Mixing different textures, hues, and designs to create rich detail and depth throughout a space, any way possible, I will incorporate patterned textiles into unique furnishing, windows, and/or accents. Some people don’t love to mix patterns, which is totally fine. We can find beautiful calm fabrics that will fit your taste, create depth, and that you will love for your home.

What are your design influences?

Architecture, art and fashion: Interior design is just a trickle down of these. I am a big fan of beautiful Palladian windows, tall columns and Morrish Arches covered in arabesque tile mosaic.

How does this background influence your design principals?

I am always attending educational workshops and conferences with ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), NKBA (National Kitchen + Bath Association), SDA (Surface Design Association), and other organizations to gain a wealth of knowledge about the latest design trends, safety guidelines, performance fabrics and sustainable products. With knowledge of current trends in interior design and my well-rounded educational background, I feel confident that I am able to meet your design goals.