Matchy Match- Designer Rugs

Designer Rugs Create the Look.

Your entire space is beige with golden highlights. Your entire space is gray with touches of linen whites. What design do you choose when contemplating the area rug?

Having the freedom to mix and match, or not match at can come to a head when deciding on the perfect rug for your space.

A brightly patterned rug will impact the playful style of the entire room.

A large rug creates an area where none was there before.

A designer rug will develop depth to a space while grounding the entire room.

It’s not just a focal point, its a feeling of highly designed interior.

Designing with area rugs are one of my favorite final additions. I like to think of it as adding beautiful jewelry or high heel shoes to a basic jeans and t-shirt. Any space can feel warm and inviting by a deep rich hue of red and burgundy splashed across the floor.

White and light rugs can be the high point to a room. But don’t be afraid of the news styles out. They incorporate fibers that will carry a rich tone and pattern while still leaving your space airy and light.

Pets? High traffic?

There are wonderful new fibers spun from the rug companies that can withstand most anything if cleaned right away. Having a professional help you find the right color, style and function is best. They will know what products will suite your lifestyle. They should be able to address your budget and get you the best quality. 

Love the Hand knotted look but on the beer budget. Rugs have come along and there is one for you!

Love abstract art and want to give your space a modern update without a Jackson Pollack. They have that too. Hand knotted or budget friendly.

Kids rough and tumble, need a safe landing pad? There are gorgeous thick rugs that withstand the toughest kids in fun, family designs.








Check out my blog post about “Fibers” to learn more about the different aspects of textiles, fabrics and fibers.



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