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A cozy corner to drink a coffee or read a book. A nice large table to spread out and feel welcomed to relax and dine, warm lighting, textures and scene. These are the making a great public space and hospitality design. 


Hospitality and Commercial design strives to create these high demand places. When Brick and Mortar stores are shutting down fast, design is all the more important to keep customers wanting to come back.

Good design is something that is not always acknowledged at first but a feel of home and comfort. A space that has great feng shui placement and allows customers to easily find what they seek.  A place that feels like home so they return again and again.


Whether its an office, cafe or restaurant, seating, lighting, wall color, window treatments and display infrastructure are all important elements to consider. You want to promote the service you sell.



Commercial spaces that need to look warm and inviting may be, but not limited to are doctors offices, lawyer offices, dentist offices, cafes, coffee shops, book stores, restaurants, halls, waiting rooms, medical centers, lobbies, hotels, event centers, banquet rooms, historical spaces, galleries, funeral parlors, spas, hairdressers, and much more.

Making a space beautiful, high functioning and well designed will only improve employee productivity, promote an overall wellness and create healthy workspace to be admired by the entire business and community alike.


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