Custom Designed Furniture

custom furniture

A room needs to speak

A room needs to speak to the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. We ask, we listen, we research, we design, we procure and we manage.

Keeping a favorite chair? We’ll work that into the design. Designing a room often includes new furnishings, flooring, lighting, window treatments and paint colors, as well as a new space plan. 

Want to design your own?

Play with the interactive tool here and build a set of furnishings for yourself. 

Play with wood tones, colors and fabrics. Most styles can be adjusted too. 

Need help? I am a phone call away. 


Let us tell your story.

Call Angela Carroll Ast  at 215-679-0450

We’ll have some fun taking you outside of your comfort zone. The goal for Angela and ABCA Designs is to create a space you love, that is collected and curated, speaks to your lifestyle, while making the whole process easy for our clients. We take the pieces of your puzzle and create your story.