She Shed: The Flower Show 2019



Since the beginning of the basements, we have had the Man Cave. That sacred space that men can go and not be bothered.

Now, we ladies, would like a place of our own!

The answer?

The “She Shed”.

Outside, not far from the house, is a place to relax, crafts our hobbies. A spot to sew, read or just enjoy the garden.

The 2019, Lehigh Valley Flower Show, offered several interior designers the unique opportunity to host and decorate a “She Shed”.

Well,  needing a Shed of my own, I had plenty ideas of what glamping may look like.






We got this marvelous large shed (12 by 20). (Sponsored to us from Green Acres.) It was a pretty good size with a small loft. So there were lots of decorating options.

But how do you make a shed, normally used for the lawn mowers and garden tools, feel warm, inviting, and luxurious?

So I went were all great images can be found Pinterest.  Down that rabbit hole was my answer.

The tent had  been my original inspiration. But how to add fabrics, rich textiles and beautiful window treatments?  There was something similar I had seen in history books.

Of course, The Napoleon Campaign Tents!

Rich in fabrics, textiles mixed with elegant lighting, furniture and precious  items brought outside then protected inside again.

With months spent out on his war efforts, Napoleon needed a place to feel safe, sophisticated and relax as Emperor.








Being in love with history and visiting old homes, properties and estates, there was a room I remember. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens,  just outside the Coconut Grove area of Miami. Modeled after this Napoleon Campaign Tent Style

The Ceiling had been draped with fabric and tassels had been added all to create the tent illusion. There was elegant lighting and beautiful furnishings.













Drape the Ceilings with plenty of fabric.

Create light, bright areas with upward lighting to show off a beautiful chandelier.

A soft, tufted  daybed with studs for lounging.

And a sitting area with an elegant grey upholstered swivel chair.

Botanical print artwork.

Plenty of flowers, ferns and house plants.




( photos by Michael Ast)













See us featured here on the Sunday Morning edition of Morning Call By April Gamiz.


It is a shed after all, so its walls have not been finished out or insulated.

This can be done. There are plenty of finishes with walls, and floors. Hardwood, drywall, rugs and full electrical package. Talk to your professional. Design is everything to a room.

But the idea was fun.  And the reaction was great!

Seeing Such a Show of a Lavish Sea Shell Chandelier in a She Shed, Where is Cheryl?

Yes- Your Covered.


People’s faces and comments were endless.



“Where’s my tractor gonna go? ”

But groups would go in and not come out! They would just hangout in there, take some selfies and photos. There was a swivel chair and jazz on the radio. Charming light, soft accents, and comfortable spaces. It was the men and kids who liked it the best! They wouldn’t leave.

But isn’t that true in life?

Women create warm spaces. Spaces that we all want to be included.







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